What are the top 50 new mid-years goals people make?

Here are some common goals that people might include on their mid-year goals.

  1. Exercise more and get in shape
  2. Eat healthier and lose weight
  3. Save money and reduce debt
  4. Quit smoking or drinking
  5. Get more sleep and reduce stress
  6. Get organized and declutter
  7. Learn a new skill or hobby
  8. Travel to new places
  9. Volunteer and give back to the community
  10. Spend more time with family and friends
  11. Get a new job or advance in your career
  12. Read more books
  13. Improve your mental health and well-being
  14. Get a promotion or raise at work
  15. Learn a new language
  16. Start a business or side hustle
  17. Get a degree or higher education
  18. Find a new hobby or activity to enjoy
  19. Find a new job or career path
  20. Learn to cook or improve cooking skills
  21. Buy a house or upgrade your current home
  22. Get married or start a family
  23. Save for retirement
  24. Pay off student loans
  25. Take a trip or vacation
  26. Get a pet
  27. Improve your relationship with your partner or spouse
  28. Find a new group of friends or social circle
  29. Improve your communication skills
  30. Develop a daily or weekly routine
  31. Improve your time management skills
  32. Get a new car or upgrade your current vehicle
  33. Learn to play a musical instrument
  34. Start a garden or grow your own food
  35. Get a new hobby or activity to enjoy
  36. Learn a new sport or physical activity
  37. Improve your financial planning and budgeting skills
  38. Reduce your environmental impact
  39. Quit a bad habit or unhealthy behavior
  40. Get a new hobby or activity to enjoy
  41. Learn to meditate or practice mindfulness
  42. Improve your public speaking skills
  43. Get a new job or career path
  44. Learn a new dance style or take dance lessons
  45. Improve your writing skills
  46. Get a new hobby or activity to enjoy
  47. Improve your home security
  48. Learn a new skill or craft
  49. Improve your relationship with your family
  50. Take a class or workshop to learn something new

Photo by Ronnie Overgoor on Unsplash


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