BLK ODYSSY announces new album + enlists Kirby for new single “You Gotta Man”

Upon my initial encounter with this particular musical composition, I must admit I was momentarily perplexed, as it seemed as though two identical copies of the song were being played simultaneously. However, upon closer inspection and repeated listens, I discovered that this intriguing track possesses an inspiring and experimental sonic quality.

The composition exhibits a distinctive blend of unconventional elements, showcasing the artist’s willingness to venture beyond the boundaries of traditional musical structures. The experimental nature of the piece manifests itself through the intricate layering of sounds, creating a dense and complex sonic tapestry. Each layer seems to intertwine with the others, resulting in a rich and multi-dimensional listening experience.

What truly sets this track apart is its ability to evoke a sense of inspiration within the listener. The unconventional arrangement and juxtaposition of various musical elements prompt a heightened sense of curiosity and exploration. As the composition progresses, it becomes evident that the artist has skillfully crafted a sonic landscape that encourages the audience to embark on a sonic journey of their own.

Throughout the song, there are moments of sheer audacity, where unexpected sonic choices are made, challenging the listener’s preconceived notions of what a song should sound like. These audacious moments not only add an element of surprise but also inject a burst of vitality and energy into the overall composition.

In conclusion, despite my initial confusion, I have come to appreciate the captivating allure of this composition. Its experimental nature and willingness to push the boundaries make it a commendable piece of music. By embracing unorthodox techniques and daring sonic arrangements, the artist has created a track that not only piques the listener’s interest but also inspires them to explore uncharted musical territories. Steve Owens / Entertainment World TV

Austin’s own BLK ODYSSY announces his new album, DIAMONDS & FREAKS, out June 9th via EARTHCHILD/EMPIRE. Alongside the announcement, he shares his new single “You Gotta Man,” featuring renowned songwriter and artist in her own right KIRBY (Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Rihanna), on one of the climactic statements of the four-part record introducing listeners to the central themes of self-identity, fame, and carnal desire throughout DIAMONDS & FREAKS. The new single follows the two previously-released tone-setting tracks that offered early looks at the album’s direction, “ODEE” and “Honeysuckle Neckbone,” which features the P-Funk legend Bootsy Collins.

DIAMONDS & FREAKS is a concept album that tells the story of a man blinded by his own lust. Presented as an erotic novel by musician and poet Keisha Plum with narration by bassist Bootsy Collins, both of whom offer a stark contradiction to the vivid and edgy content of the songs. Composed of four distinct chapters, DIAMONDS & FREAKS is a neo-soul journal, chronicling BLK’s adjustment to finding success and his relationship with sex. Written and recorded while on tour and in the midst of a tumultuous time struggling with the health of a family member, the album sways like a moral tug-of-war between success and succumbing to various forms of addiction, and the spirit of religion, faith, family and loss that pulls him back to reality. Check out “You Gotta Man” and pre-order DIAMONDS & FREAKS above, and see below for more info on BLK ODYSSY and his upcoming album.


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